sweetheart 09

CLIENT: starbucks
PROJECT: design & illustration for the Sweetheart compilation.

while illustrating this CD i found inspiration in taking old fashioned things (like canoeing with your darling) and illustrating them a modern way. I've also been obsessed with Japanese prints, they are so simple with a pop of color and I've always been in love with vintage sheet music (i HEART hand-crafted typography). The parasol also seemed like an old fashioned thing that could be very flirty if used the right way ;)
Musically, this is one of my favorite projects we have gotten to do over the years: the music is all about asking great artists (like she & him, deathcab for cutie, kate tucker and jessica lea mayfield) to cover their favorite love song - brilliant! i really wanted to tie that basic idea of taking something that's been done before and reinventing it. it's all about the little details; the disk comes in a record sleeve - i found these great, vintage LP sleeves and i've been dying to design one - this CD seemed like the perfect fit. The book cover is designed to look like a lost receipt from the canoe rental, the records in the illustration are the some of the musicians that are covered on this album. i really love the music and the concept and wanted to make sure it was played out throughout the packaging. i also want to give a shout out to the music and creative teams at starbucks - everyone really believed in this project - and i wouldn't get to do such creative work without their support.

check out a review and the full track listing on Three Imaginary Girls:


golden age of song (radio) cd

CLIENT: starbucks entertainment.
PROJECT: CD design for a vintage radio compilation.

As i was researching for this project i came across some gorgeous vintage radios (i wish they still looked like that) and was amazed at how each one was little work of art. at that point i sketched out how a CD could be formed to resemble a radio - the cover has die-cuts to revel the book and CD. The booklet was cut a third of the size (toaster shaped) and printed to look like speaker fabric. The disk was designed to look like the stations - no matter which way it turned in the packaging...i think i gave the print production and packaging engineers a head-ache on this one ;)
It was amazing to see a little sketch come to life with the help of my team. everyone was in love with this packaging idea and rallied to make it happen.

bass truck reactive t-shirt design

CLIENT: Bass Truck Reactive
PROJECT: design for our t-shirt of the month club

CD pancakes, coming right up! I had this drawing in my sketchbook for the longest time and when it was my turn to design the t-shirt, I knew exactly what to do. My friend Lauren suggested adding the "mmm, music" - thanks Lauren!

winter wonderland cd

CLIENT: starbucks entertainment.
PROJECT: CD design for the holiday compilation.

Illustrating this CD was a huge undertaking for me. I've never really considered myself a true illustrator, so it was intimidating to think of what to do for the whole package. But as i started working on it, it just keep getting easier and almost creating itself from my imagination. It was so much fun to work on, everyday was like living in a cartoon. The lil' forest critters all have sweaters or scarfs and i totally WANTED all village folks cloths for myself ;)
client: hear music & concord records
project: new logo design for label

I designed this logo to invoke the roots of a tree and the tuning keys on a guitar. it started out as a little painting, with much rougher, organic edges and morphed into a cleaner, more graphic, vector expression.

songs of the siren

client: starbucks entertainment
project: CD design for songs of the siren, irresistible voices

i illustrated this with a mermaid or siren in mind. it's all about female singers and songwriters and i wanted her to have a little attitude, like she is calling out to you from the cover, but set in a in a very beautiful and delicate environment. i took inspiration from the the natural forms and life of the sea. I love coral, there are so many different shapes and types and it was also really fun to draw the seahorses and urchins and things.
i wish i could make the coral into wallpaper for my room ;)

john coltrane opus

client: starbucks entertainment.
project: CD design for john coltrane opus collection.

I designed this CD with the notion that a line would flow throughout the package - starting out straight - and then going all crazy, circling and weaving throughout, visually representing the way he played. It's hard to capture in photos of the product, but i think you get the idea.

bob marley live cd

client: starbucks entertainment
project: CD design for bob marley & the wailers live
i actually painted the brights colors and scanned them in to bring the reggae vibe to the packaging. there were amazing photos to choose from, i think that was the hardest part, deciding what photos i had to leave out! since this was a compilation of live music the tracks are laid out to look like tickets from the shows, dates, venue and song.

clem snide - photos

i got some nice shots of Eef and the tuba was really cool. the show was killer!

funk cd


client: starbucks entertainment
project: CD design for a funk compilation

willie nelson opus cd

i've been listening to willie nelson since i was a little girl and it was an honor to get to design this cd. the photo-research was a blast, there are so many great photos of willie to pick from - i tried to focus on images i hadn't seen before. i used a beautiful glossy varnish to create a paisley bandanna pattern that printed on the book cover and little detail areas throughout the package.

client: starbucks entertainment
project: CD design for willie nelson opus collection

ali marcus - poster

ali needed a poster for her CD release show for The Other Side. i took inspiration from the title.

seth martin poster

Seth asked me to open for him at the Rendezvous in Seattle; we needed a poster fast, so i threw this together - it is extremely random - but that's what i like about it!

classic country - patsy cline

client: hear music retail stores
project: country music feature
i heart patsy.
i'm a huge fan of vintage country and i was so excited to get to do photo research for this project.

beach house

client: hear music retail stores
project: beach house music feature


client: hear music retail stores
project: americana music feature
i took inspiration from old sheet music typography and added an illustration i did of sweet little camp-fire guitar.


client: hear music retail stores
project: bbq music feature
The idea was all around the perfect soundtrack for your BBQ. I came up with the idea of wrapping CDs like meat, and took a bunch of disk to my local market and asked them to wrap them, so they would look authentic. it was a really fun photo-shoot, followed by a real BBQ.

black history month

client: hear music retail stores
project: black history month music feature