golden age of song (radio) cd

CLIENT: starbucks entertainment.
PROJECT: CD design for a vintage radio compilation.

As i was researching for this project i came across some gorgeous vintage radios (i wish they still looked like that) and was amazed at how each one was little work of art. at that point i sketched out how a CD could be formed to resemble a radio - the cover has die-cuts to revel the book and CD. The booklet was cut a third of the size (toaster shaped) and printed to look like speaker fabric. The disk was designed to look like the stations - no matter which way it turned in the packaging...i think i gave the print production and packaging engineers a head-ache on this one ;)
It was amazing to see a little sketch come to life with the help of my team. everyone was in love with this packaging idea and rallied to make it happen.


  1. Kristy! I found your blog and boy am I happy, what lovely collection of work! This and the Sweetheart album are awesome! The details are impeccable. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I found your blog when doing a search for this CD, as I'd given my copy to my grandparents. It's so cool to know who did the design for it - you did a fantastic job! I might hunt around for another copy simply because I loved the disc/case. Nice work.

  3. I found your blog while looking for cover art for this. This is some of the best CD packaging I've ever seen; it sold me on it sitting there on the counter. So not only is it beautiful, it was very effective merchandising as well!

  4. This is probably the coolest CD package I've ever seen, and that's great in an era of digital downloads.