sweetheart 09

CLIENT: starbucks
PROJECT: design & illustration for the Sweetheart compilation.

while illustrating this CD i found inspiration in taking old fashioned things (like canoeing with your darling) and illustrating them a modern way. I've also been obsessed with Japanese prints, they are so simple with a pop of color and I've always been in love with vintage sheet music (i HEART hand-crafted typography). The parasol also seemed like an old fashioned thing that could be very flirty if used the right way ;)
Musically, this is one of my favorite projects we have gotten to do over the years: the music is all about asking great artists (like she & him, deathcab for cutie, kate tucker and jessica lea mayfield) to cover their favorite love song - brilliant! i really wanted to tie that basic idea of taking something that's been done before and reinventing it. it's all about the little details; the disk comes in a record sleeve - i found these great, vintage LP sleeves and i've been dying to design one - this CD seemed like the perfect fit. The book cover is designed to look like a lost receipt from the canoe rental, the records in the illustration are the some of the musicians that are covered on this album. i really love the music and the concept and wanted to make sure it was played out throughout the packaging. i also want to give a shout out to the music and creative teams at starbucks - everyone really believed in this project - and i wouldn't get to do such creative work without their support.

check out a review and the full track listing on Three Imaginary Girls:


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  1. I love love love this album design! Thanks for putting it together!