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Pony Illustration by Diane Toepfer at 
Produced by Johnny Sangster at


star anna CD design


CLIENT: star anna and the laughing dogs / local 638 records
PROJECT: alone in this together CD package design
The images of Star are all self-portraits. I was totally diggin' the polaroid vibe and carried that throughout the package, so it opens from the bottom and the images fall down like a wallet photo-album. The disk is printed with a matte black ink, the roses are shiny and the background is flat, which makes for a pretty cool printing technique. I found that amazing photo of the wolf by photographer Nathan Kostegian. Wolves are so rad! So is Star, the band and Rachel at Local 638 Records. This was such a fun one to get to work on. Best of luck to the band on their tour and launching the new album.
Check out Star Anna here:

star anna t-shirt

CLIENT: star anna / local 638 records
PROJECT: t-shirt concept
I designed their CD packaging to look like a polaroid photo album, so I thought a camera illustration would be a great concept in support of the album release and their upcoming tour.

sticker design

CLIENT: spoonshine
PROJECT: sticker concepts and final design

Will Cook, the kick-ass bassist and vocalist from the band Spoonshine, asked me to work on a new sticker design for their upcoming shows. The typography is inspired by some vintage sheet music I came across. We went through a couple rounds of concepts, but the arrow just seemed the right image for the band.
You can check out their music here:


CLIENT: local 638 records
PROJECT: CD packaging, e-promo, web-site and t-shirt design
supporting launch of Visqueen's new album Message to Garcia.
Cheetah illustration by Ryan Berkley, Berkley Illustration, Portland.

Visqueen LP

CLIENT: local 638 records
PROJECT: album design for Visqueen's Message to Garcia
Cheetah illustration by Ryan Berkley, Berkley Illustration, Portland

Local 638 Records

CLIENT: local 638 records
PROJECT: logos, brand identity, web design and t-shirt concepts.

Rachel Flotard and I met in that "six degrees of separation" kind of way and have been mad creative cohorts ever since! We've spent many late nights at local coffee shops, huddled around our glowing laptop screens, shooting ideas back and forth and laughing. a lot. I was honored to get to develop the identity for her record label.

Rachel lost her dad in 2008. I never got to meet him, but I feel like I got to know him through her memories and let me tell you, that man was a character. He was also a New York City Steamfitter in Local 638.

"Welcome to Local 638 Records. The place where I woik. Where I ride the bus at daybreak, for better or for worse. This place is where my two home states meet, bridging that ever-pesky strip of land between Jersey and Washington. The music I help create with amazing people is showcased here. Something that drives me, and that I am compelled to do because I can. This is our Union. I look forward to many years of making people laugh, and singing along with the Jukebox."

Rachel Flotard
Steamfitter’s Daughter.
Owner, Local 638 Records LLC.

ever been in an abandoned missile silo?

CLIENT: Visqueen
PROJECT: Band photography and t-shirt design
for a show at an abandoned missile silo.

ToorCamp: which is basically the hacker's version of burning man, was held at a missile silo in eastern Washington. Rachel Flotard, the fire-cracker lead lady of Visqueen and Local 638 Records, asked me if I would design a shirt for the show and come take some pics of the band before they played - on the missile launch doors!!!
The camp-site above the silo had a Mad Max vibe goin' with train containers, plenty of dust and themed tent cities. The silo was unreal, I still dream about it sometimes. As we descended into the dark it got colder and colder, which was strange coming from the hot air above. The main tunnel seemed to go on forever and staring into that blackness is like looking into another world. I started to imagine movement in the shadows down that tunnel and was thinking that this is the perfect set-up for a horror flick. Just when I had myself properly freaked out, I remembered to hum Josh Ritter's "The Temptation of Adam" (it's a brilliant song set in a missile silo) and it kept me sane enough to snap some shots with my trusty ole' 35mm Canon A-E1. The local high school kids have made their mark over the years with some killer tagging. Random stuff: Visqueen blasting "Lamar's rap" from Revenge of the Nerds before the show started, my brother came along as the photo assistant and got to live out his "ambassador of the geeks" fantasy, Rachel's dead-on impression of Will Ferrell - dart in the neck, a hackers-in-hard hats conga line that was the. best. thing. ever, laying on warm concrete beneath stars you could almost touch and an experience I will never forget.
I can't thank Rachel and the band enough for letting me tag along on their adventure!

Rockabilly CD & Tattoo

CLIENT: starbucks
PROJECT: design for the Let's Go! compilation.

The best part about working on a project like this is the photo research. Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran and the Ray Campi photos were amazing - it was so hard to narrow it down - i always feel like i'm leaving orphans behind in the photo archives. Cars (and hair) are such a huge part of the rockabilly culture, I didn't think this package could be complete with out a roadster thrown in there. The tattoo came inside the CD as a little bonus - my pal Jason posed for the tattoo shot - thanks Jason!

Heading West CD

CLIENT: starbucks
PROJECT: photography & design for the Heading West compilation.

I had an amazing opportunity to capture the desert i grew up in for this project. We lived about 40 min. out of "town" and music was such a part of that drive, loosing yourself in the wide open sky, the turn of a song and the yellow lines. This CD was such a perfect one for me, every time I see it I get nostalgic for the purple & red mountains and glowing sunsets of my childhood. The layout and cropping of the images was inspired by film, the booklet was cut longer than usual to resemble the ratio of a movie screen. More pictures from the shoot to come soon!


WHAT: Consumer Outstanding Award
HOW magazine In-Howse Design Awards

Looks like the nice folks over at HOW magazine picked some work again for their "In-Howse Design Awards" yay!

"Handmade nostalgia took center stage in the 2009 Starbucks holiday promotion...Although the theme was universally loved by the creative team, it left one Starbucks designer with perma-indents on her fingers from hand-cutting all the original artwork with an X-ACTO knife for weeks on end. As the song goes, "Tis the season." –excerpt from HOW magazine

It takes a village of talented Creatives to pull off such a huge promotion. I'd like to thank the whole starbucks creative team for their inspiration, vision and mad design skills in bringing this thing to life and for giving me a chance to try on my illustration hat on this one. fa la la la la la la la la!

Illustration for Starbucks Holiday Promotion

CLIENT: Starbucks
PROJECT: Illustration for Holiday Promotion 09.

I hand-cut the illustrations out of paper with an x-acto knife (including a font we named "kristymas samurai")! I've always loved christmas and it was a joy to think of the rich, iconic elements from years past that make the holidays such a wonderful time of year. I heart christmas carols, so I listened to my favorite songs for inspiration while cutting away (like in July :)
The whole team of Starbucks Creatives involved in designing the many pieces of the campaign, from coffee bags to cups and merchandise, did an amazing job bringing my illustrations to life!

Cameron Family Reunion

I've been meaning to post this for a long time; it's a little break from my usual music graphics, but it was such a fun project I just had to share.

My family has always been a bit over the top when it comes to themed parties. I blame/revere my mother (a wedding coordinator and florist) who has the uncanny ability to turn any event into the equivalent of the circus coming to town! She came to me with the idea of a turn-of-the-century theme for our reunion at our family cabin in Utah. I was inspired by vintage sheet music for the invitation and used an image of my grandmother as a young women on the invite (she passed away about a month after the reunion, it turned out to be very poignant). I made fans & mustaches on sticks to put in the picnic baskets, brought in vintage umbrellas (from Bella Umbrella in Seattle), we put up the tent my dad designed and hung lace from the sides, we spread blankets & quilts out with picnic baskets and vintage books of poetry and played croquet. My mother pulled together and made ALL the costumes. I never thought I would be a Mad Hatter - but it can get pretty obsessive - just one more feather, button or bow. We are a pretty musical family, so the men serenaded grandma, barbershop quartet style. My mother, true to form, found a horse and buggy to take the family on jaunts through the meadow; the driver and his boys stayed after for some homemade ice-cream and pie and I managed to snap my favorite picture, which I like to call cowboys and lace). So enjoy the madness that is my family!