WHAT: Consumer Outstanding Award
HOW magazine In-Howse Design Awards

Looks like the nice folks over at HOW magazine picked some work again for their "In-Howse Design Awards" yay!

"Handmade nostalgia took center stage in the 2009 Starbucks holiday promotion...Although the theme was universally loved by the creative team, it left one Starbucks designer with perma-indents on her fingers from hand-cutting all the original artwork with an X-ACTO knife for weeks on end. As the song goes, "Tis the season." –excerpt from HOW magazine

It takes a village of talented Creatives to pull off such a huge promotion. I'd like to thank the whole starbucks creative team for their inspiration, vision and mad design skills in bringing this thing to life and for giving me a chance to try on my illustration hat on this one. fa la la la la la la la la!

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