Cameron Family Reunion

I've been meaning to post this for a long time; it's a little break from my usual music graphics, but it was such a fun project I just had to share.

My family has always been a bit over the top when it comes to themed parties. I blame/revere my mother (a wedding coordinator and florist) who has the uncanny ability to turn any event into the equivalent of the circus coming to town! She came to me with the idea of a turn-of-the-century theme for our reunion at our family cabin in Utah. I was inspired by vintage sheet music for the invitation and used an image of my grandmother as a young women on the invite (she passed away about a month after the reunion, it turned out to be very poignant). I made fans & mustaches on sticks to put in the picnic baskets, brought in vintage umbrellas (from Bella Umbrella in Seattle), we put up the tent my dad designed and hung lace from the sides, we spread blankets & quilts out with picnic baskets and vintage books of poetry and played croquet. My mother pulled together and made ALL the costumes. I never thought I would be a Mad Hatter - but it can get pretty obsessive - just one more feather, button or bow. We are a pretty musical family, so the men serenaded grandma, barbershop quartet style. My mother, true to form, found a horse and buggy to take the family on jaunts through the meadow; the driver and his boys stayed after for some homemade ice-cream and pie and I managed to snap my favorite picture, which I like to call cowboys and lace). So enjoy the madness that is my family!

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