ever been in an abandoned missile silo?

CLIENT: Visqueen
PROJECT: Band photography and t-shirt design
for a show at an abandoned missile silo.

ToorCamp: which is basically the hacker's version of burning man, was held at a missile silo in eastern Washington. Rachel Flotard, the fire-cracker lead lady of Visqueen and Local 638 Records, asked me if I would design a shirt for the show and come take some pics of the band before they played - on the missile launch doors!!!
The camp-site above the silo had a Mad Max vibe goin' with train containers, plenty of dust and themed tent cities. The silo was unreal, I still dream about it sometimes. As we descended into the dark it got colder and colder, which was strange coming from the hot air above. The main tunnel seemed to go on forever and staring into that blackness is like looking into another world. I started to imagine movement in the shadows down that tunnel and was thinking that this is the perfect set-up for a horror flick. Just when I had myself properly freaked out, I remembered to hum Josh Ritter's "The Temptation of Adam" (it's a brilliant song set in a missile silo) and it kept me sane enough to snap some shots with my trusty ole' 35mm Canon A-E1. The local high school kids have made their mark over the years with some killer tagging. Random stuff: Visqueen blasting "Lamar's rap" from Revenge of the Nerds before the show started, my brother came along as the photo assistant and got to live out his "ambassador of the geeks" fantasy, Rachel's dead-on impression of Will Ferrell - dart in the neck, a hackers-in-hard hats conga line that was the. best. thing. ever, laying on warm concrete beneath stars you could almost touch and an experience I will never forget.
I can't thank Rachel and the band enough for letting me tag along on their adventure!

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