Local 638 Records

CLIENT: local 638 records
PROJECT: logos, brand identity, web design and t-shirt concepts.

Rachel Flotard and I met in that "six degrees of separation" kind of way and have been mad creative cohorts ever since! We've spent many late nights at local coffee shops, huddled around our glowing laptop screens, shooting ideas back and forth and laughing. a lot. I was honored to get to develop the identity for her record label.

Rachel lost her dad in 2008. I never got to meet him, but I feel like I got to know him through her memories and let me tell you, that man was a character. He was also a New York City Steamfitter in Local 638.

"Welcome to Local 638 Records. The place where I woik. Where I ride the bus at daybreak, for better or for worse. This place is where my two home states meet, bridging that ever-pesky strip of land between Jersey and Washington. The music I help create with amazing people is showcased here. Something that drives me, and that I am compelled to do because I can. This is our Union. I look forward to many years of making people laugh, and singing along with the Jukebox."

Rachel Flotard
Steamfitter’s Daughter.
Owner, Local 638 Records LLC.

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